Antiviral Therapy

For Hepatitis C, mathematical modeling was used to quantitatively analyze the antiviral effect of interferon-alpha-2b (IFN) and the viral decline in patients during therapy. The modelderived findings clearly demonstrated that early quantitative monitoring of viral load helped guiding antiviral therapy (Neumann et al., 1998; PMID: 9756471) and that modeling can be used to better understand the dynamics of chronic viral infections as well as guide personalized antiviral therapy (Layden et al., 2000; PMID: 10946422).

Models have also been implemented to generate quantitative in vivo data of the HIV viral load during inhibitor treatment. These results indicated a substantial higher viral load than previously indicated and gave rise to theoretical principles to guide treatment strategies (Perelson et al, 1996; PMID: 8599114).