First Systems Medicine Summer School, 2015: Lectures available on YouTube

In June 2015 CASyM, with support of FEBS, organized the First European Summer School on Systems Medicine in Stockholm. Here, the best examples of how to use advanced computational tools in translational clinical research were presented and discussed. Lectures are now available on YouTube!

  1. Introductory lecture by Prof. Jesper Tegnér (Karolinska Institute, Sweden):
  2. Systems Biology of the Mammalian Circadian clock by Prof. Hansperter Herzel (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany):
  3. Computational Tissue Engineering by Prof. Liesbet Geris (University of Liège, Belgium):
  4. The use of the human metabolic model by Ines Thiele (University of Warwick, UK):
  5. Rethinking the GWAS by Timothy Ravasi (King Abdullah University for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia):
  6. From Systems to Personalized Medicine by Johann Pellet (European Institute for Systems Biology & Medicine, France):
  7. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease by Josep Roca (University of Barcelona, Spain):
  8. Predictive and Individualised medicine by Mikael Benson (Linköping University, Sweden):
  9. Patient disease trajectories by Anders Boeck Jensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark):
  10. Personalized medicine for inflammatory disease by Tiothy Radstake (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands):



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