(2) Meeting concepts

On this page you will find a list of concepts prepared for each CASyM event. These concepts contain the intention of the meeting, a detailed agenda and a list of invitees.

Name Description    
CONCEPT: Systems Medicine in Germany - past present and future perspective Marburg, Nov 2016 Download
CONCEPT: European Systems Medicine - Are we there yet? Brussels, Feb 2016 Download
Concept: Taking Systems Medicine to the clinic Jan 2016 Download
CONCEPT: CASyM exchange grants Nov 2015 Download
CONCEPT: Endocrine, Metabolic and Digestive disorders workshop

Genoa, July 2015

CONCEPT: Oncology and cardiovascular diseases workshop

Genoa, January 2014

CONCEPT: CASyM technological/ethical focused workshop

Lyon, June 2013

CONCEPT: Strategic modelling workshop

Heidelberg, June 2013.

CONCEPT: Second clinically focused stakeholder conference

St Andrews, May 2013.

CONCEPT: EU/CASyM workshop

Brussels, Nov 2012.