CASyM specific publications

This page contains information to all CASyM specific publications corresponding to conferences, workshops and round table discussions. Please find the following 3 categories:

(1) CASyM documents (listed below).
(2) Concepts (More).
(3) Presentations (More).

These documents will be the foundation for the proposed road map to Systems Medicine to be published in 2014.

If you are using any content of these publications, please make reference to the CASyM project as the initial source of information.

Name Description    
ROADMAP 2ND VERSION The CASyM roadmap: Updated version of April 2017 Download
REPORT: Interaction with other networks CASyM reoprt: Scheme for interactions with other networks/initiatives, June 2017 Download
REPORT: Data and standards CASyM report: Requirements for supporting standardization and data sharing in Systems Medicine, June 2017 Download
SURVEY: Industry Inventory Europe-wide inventory of industry involved in Systems Medicine - UPDATE 2017 Download
REPORT: The Systems Medicine Web Hub CASyM report: Providing relevant information for relevant communities - The Systems Medicine Web Hub, April 2017 Download
REPORT: Intergration of national efforts CASyM report: Action plan for integration of national efforts, April 2017 Download
REPORT: Second Israeli meeting Report of the second Israeli meeting on Systems Medicine, Israel, April 2017 Download
POSITION REPORT: Needs and opportunities for the implementation of Systems Medicine A Position Report from the Genoa workshop series on oncology and cardiovascular diseases (2014) and endocrine-, metabolic- and digestive-disorders (2015) Download
REPORT: EASyM conference

Report of the first conference of the European Association of Systems Medicine, Berlin, November 2016

REPORT: Industry involvement in Systems Medicine Dissemination meeting report, January 2017 Download
PROGRAM: EASyM conference

Program of the first EASyM/CASyM international conference on Systems Medicine, Berlin, October 2016

REPORT: Funders workshop Report on the CASyM funders workshop Common Initiatives in Systems (Bio-)Medicine, Brussels, February 2016 Download
A short roadmap guide Short version of the CASyM roadmap describing the essential topics. Download
ROADMAP version 1.0 The first version of the CASyM roadmap (version 1.0 of 2014)
CONCEPT: Systems Medicine education Plan for university SysMed undergraduate/graduate education including pilot courses
December 2015
STRATEGY PAPER: Common funding initiatives CASyM strategy paper: Common funding initiatives,
August 2015
REPORT: Internal medicine Endocrine, Metabolic and Digestive disorders: Challenges and Opportunities of a Systems Medicine approach.
Genoa, July 2015
REPORT: Summer school

CASyM Advanced Summer School in System Medicine: Implementation of System Medicine across Europe - a FEBS Advanced Lecture Course. 
Stockholm, June 2015

REPORT: Acedemic/Industry workshop 2015 Academic/Industry interaction workshop report. Lyon, April 2015 Download
REPORT: Systems Medicine training tutorial

10th CFGBC Symposium with ISBE and CASyM workshops. Ljubljana, June/July 2015

REPORT: Funders workshop

CASyM workshop: Joining national and European research programmes in systems (bio-)medicine. Brussels, November 2014

REPORT: Genomic disease models Workshops on genomic disease models of complex diseases, 2013-2015 Download
REPORT: Training tutorial

Systems approaches to biological clocks and diseases. Paris, October 2014

REPORT: Como school

Systems Biology and Systems Medicine School - Systems Biology and Systems Medicine: Precision Biotechnology and Therapies. Lake Como, September 2014

REPORT: Training tutorial

CASyM tutorial: Modeling Tools for Pharmacokinetics and Systems Medicine. Stuttgart, May 2014

CONCEPT: E-learning

CASyM training concept - Open access e-learning for Systems Medicine: The Roadmap to Systems Medicine.
June 2014


CASyM training concept: CPD plan for clinical and pre-clinical MDs.
June 2014

CONCEPT: Exchange programmes CASyM training concept - Plan for tailored interdisciplinary exchange programmes, November 2014 Download
REPORT: Acedemic/Industry workshop 2014 Academic/Industry interaction workshop report. Lyon, April 2014 Download
SURVEY: Industry inventory

Europe-wide inventory of industry involved in Systems Medicine.
March 2014

REPORT: Cancer workshop

Clinical needs in oncology and cardiovascular diseases as drivers for a Systems Medicine approach.
Genoa, January 2014

ANALYSIS: Funding Instruments

Analysis of instruments for integrated research programmes.
December 2013

SURVEY: National programmes

National programmes in Systems Medicine
December 2013

REPORT: CASyM/ICSB2013 training workshop

Should systems medical training be integrated for basic and clinical researchers?
Copenhagen, September 2013.

REPORT: Technological and ethical focused workshop

The Road from Reactive  to Proactive Medicine.
Lyon, June 2013.

REPORT: Systems Medicine training tutorial

Systems Medicine of Multifactorial Disorders - workshop & tutorial and 8th CFGBC symposium. Ljubljana, June 2013.

REPORT: Strategic modelling workshop

The Role of Multiscale Modelling in Systems Medicine.
Heidelberg, June 2013.

REPORT: 2nd clinically focused stakeholder conference

Clinical needs as the driver for Systems Medicine. 
St Andrews, May 2013

REPORT: 1st open stakeholder consultation conference

Round table discussions from  the first open stakeholder consultation conference.
Lyon, March 2013

REPORT: EU/CASyM joint workshop

European Systems Medicine road map discussion.
Brussels, November 2012.

GUIDELINES: Roadmap chapters

RT table structure and what is expected as output to be used for incorporation into the CASyM road map.

OVERVIEW: Key performance indicators Download