Organization of CASyM

CASyM will function as a strategic managing and coordinating platform to develop a clear road map for the implementation of Systems Medicine across Europe within its 4 years duration.

The CASyM consortium is organized into five main interconnected Consortium Bodies. The organization of these Consortium Bodies ensures proper implementation of the proposed work packages summarized below.

Structure of the consortium

To ensure efficient scientific as well as administrative management and coordination, the CASyM consortium is structured into five different Consortium Bodies: (1) The CASyM Consortium; (2) The Steering Committee; (3) Work Packages and Task Leaders; (4) The Management Group and (5) The Coordinator.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee includes 10 high-level representatives from selected and representative Parties of the Consortium. In contrast to the administrative management tasks of the Coordinator, the Steering Committee will act as the scientific "Coordinating Committee” of CASyM and is responsible for the strategic orientation of the project.


Work Package overview

The work plan will be implemented as five WPs (WP1-5), which cover the different aspects needed to develop a Systems Medicine community and an implementation and training strategy for Systems Medicine across Europe.