Structure of the consortium

  1. The CASyM Consortium
    Includes all core Partners of CASyM that have signed the Grant Agreement.

  2. The Steering Committee 
    Includes 10 high-level representatives from selected and representative Parties of the Consortium. In contrast to the administrative management tasks of the Coordinator, the Steering Committee will act as the scientific "Coordinating Committee” of CASyM and is responsible for the strategic orientation of the project.

  3. Work Packages and Task Leaders
    Responsible entities for the coordination of the activities within each Work Package/task (WP descriptions).

  4. The Management Group
    Responsible body for implementation and steering of work. The MG comprises each Work Package Leader and the Coordinator.

  5. The Coordinator
    Legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the European Commission and will act as the Administrative Coordinator and the project manager for all the organizational, reporting, and web-based communication activities to the consortium and the community.