What is CASyM?

Basic info

  • European consortium
  • 22 partners from 11 countries
  • Funded under the FP7 program with 2.9 M € (grant agreement #305033)
  • Duration: 4 years (2012-2016)   


  • Developing a strategic European wide road map for Systems Medicine
  • Fostering integration, networking and communication among relevant communities
  • Building a sustainable Systems Medicine community  

CASyM joins multidisciplinary partners from

  • Clinical research and practice
  • Universities and research institutions
  • Research Cluster, Industry/SMEs
  • Funding organizations, Project management 

CASyM´s underpinning structure

  • Professional conferences and meetings
  • Focused workshops, educational courses and discussions
  • Exchange of information and dissemination 

We represent

  • An open network seeking input from all relevant stakeholders and communities (more)
  • An inclusive, overarching framework for Systems Medicine

CASyM and the road to Systems Medicine

CASyM is tasked with formulating a European wide implementation strategy (road map) for Systems Medicine. The road map is driven by clinical needs: It aims to identify areas where a systems approach will address clinical questions and solve clinical problems.


What is Systems Medicine?

To define or not define? This is extensively discussed and many see a precise definition as impracticable. However, some definition is necessary because the different stakeholders CASyM wishes to address need to be clear what stands behind this concept.