What will CASyM do?

CASyM is about all aspects of medicine, and emphasizing clinical medicine, from clinical trials through public health and data handling, to application of Systems Medicine and medical economics. During the next four years, CASyM will assess the basis for a European Systems Medicine paradigm and will assist the medical community in creating the foundation for a new perspective by focusing on an approach based on personalized, predictive, preventive and participatory (4P medicine).

The following components are part of CASyM´s overarching strategy:

  • Engagement and integration of all relevant stakeholders (join CASyM)
  • Identification of areas where a systems approach will address clinical questions and solve clinical problems
  • Development of multidisciplinary training concepts for the next generation of medical doctors and scientists
  • Assessment of methodological and technological challenges
  • Strengthening innovation activities
  • Analysis of instruments for the implementation of research programs
  • Creating and shaping a sustainable European community of Systems Medicine

CASyM seeks to integrate all relevant stakeholders

CASyM is not a standalone project and seeks to incorporate and complement the numerous systems initiatives across Europe. By definition, CASyM will be an open network, fostering integration, networking and open communication among all relevant stakeholders and communities. The development of this framework should overcome competitive barriers and produce a European road map for Systems Medicine as concerted project result. CASyM will be the European umbrella concept for Systems Medicine.

Training and eduction in multidisciplinary approaches will be a key feature of CASyM

Multidisciplinary training in systems approaches for the next generation of scientists and MDs will be a key feature of CASyM.

Promoting multidisciplinary training

Systems Medicine is a concept that aims at integrating all aspects of present medical teaching with modern Life Science/omics technologies, advanced data handling and computational modelling.