The CASyM Work Packages overview

The CASyM work plan will be implemented as five WPs (WP1-5), which cover the different aspects needed to develop a Systems Medicine community and an implementation and training strategy for Systems Medicine across Europe. WP6 will be dedicated to dissemination and publicizing the project and its results. WP7 handles all relevant project management and coordinating issues.

WP1 - Developing a road map towards an integrative European Systems Medicine strategy

WP 1 is the core component of CASyM, which will be initiated by two major stakeholder conferences in Lyon in March 2013 and in St. Andrews in April 2013. These two meetings will gather the input of all relevant stakeholders (including major clinical centers, medical doctors, Systems Biologists, national funders, regulatory agencies and patient organizations) for the proposed roadmap.


WP2 - Multidisciplinary training in systems approaches for the next generation of scientists and MDs

This WP will establish a plan for education in Systems Medicine, based on existing programmes and the experience gained from selected training concepts. It will define the scope and create opportunities for sustainable education and training of the current/future workforce in Systems Medicine.


WP3 - The technological and methodological basis of Systems Medicine

The clinical background to this WP is that diagnostic and therapeutic modalities are based on data, which are usually generated or obtained from a wide range of sources. The integration of data from basic and clinical research is a central aspect of Systems Medicine.


WP4 - Strengthening innovation activities, technology transfer and exploitation

Despite the huge potential that modern medicine brings to the healthcare market, innovation in translational activities remains slow. This is especially the case for SMEs. Through integration of clinical data, innovative -omics techniques, and computer modelling, Systems Medicine is able to boost innovation and industrial exploitation.


WP5 - Integration of national efforts in Systems Medicine and within the EU

An effective and cost efficient implementation of Systems Medicine will need to maximise the economy of scales by considering integration with relevant funding schemes existing within Europe and in each individual country. Therefore, we will identify in close interaction with ministries and funding agencies all over Europe and in each individual country.


WP6 - Networking and disseminating the CASyM concept and its achieved results

Disseminating information to the public is a moral obligation when dealing with public money. The dissemination of information on Systems Medicine and of the resulting products of CASyM is therefore of great importance.


WP7 - Management

CASyM will implement a straightforward and transparent management structure. The structures for communication and decision making will adequately match the scale of the project, which is carried by a highly committed consortium of 22 partners from 10 European countries, all of whom have international recognition in their respective fields of expertise.