WP1 - Developing a road map towards an integrative European Systems Medicine strategy

WP1 is the core component of CASyM, which will be initiated by two major stakeholder conferences in Lyon in March 2013 and in St. Andrews in May 2013. These two meetings will gather the input of all relevant stakeholders (including major clinical centers, medical doctors, Systems Biologists, national funders, regulatory agencies and patient organizations) for the proposed roadmap. During these meetings clinical needs and biomedical research questions will be the driving element, while technological needs will initially play a minor role. The technological aspects will then be addressed in greater detail in WP3. Two meetings for WP1 are considered to ensure the widest possible reach out and to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are given an opportunity to provide input. The outcomes of the first meeting will naturally help to further shape the agenda of the subsequent follow up meeting.


  1. Identification and consultation of all relevant stakeholder groups and their roles
  2. Identification of technology needs
  3. Identification of the most promising areas of Systems Medicine
  4. Development of a road map and implementation strategy