WP2 - Multidisciplinary training in systems approaches for the next generation of scientists and MDs

This WP will establish a plan for education in Systems Medicine, based on existing programmes and the experience gained from selected training concepts. It will define the scope and create opportunities for sustainable education and training of the current/future workforce in Systems Medicine. In addition to CASyM partners, we will identify and include in activities other stakeholders, such as Systems Medicine Centres and major clinical centres in Europe in order to better define needs and design feasible training activities. Special attention will be paid to include also stakeholders from the new member and associated EU states.


  1. To design tailored interdisciplinary programmes and propose training implementation actions at the master’s, doctoral and/or postdoctoral level, as well as for clinicians at different stages of their careers
  2. To identify the need and specifications for course modules in Systems Medicine that can be incorporated in curricula for medical and biology students at undergraduate/graduate levels and will become the basis of the "Systems Medicine" curriculum
  3. To organize meetings, expert guided workshops and targeted lecture series and design the first European Summer School  in Systems Medicine
  4. To develop accredited CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses for clinicians and researchers available as blended on line and face-to-face opportunities across the community