WP3 - The technological and methodological basis of Systems Medicine

The clinical background to this WP is that diagnostic and therapeutic modalities are based on data, which are usually generated or obtained from a wide range of sources. The integration of data from basic and clinical research is a central aspect of Systems Medicine. In order to integrate data from different contexts (e. g. biomolecular data from basic research and clinical data on the outcome of treatments), to integrate data  from different labs, to enable the comparison of data there is a need for standards to generate data, to store and manage data in databases and a need for tools and methodologies to enable the integration, visualization, sharing and analysis of data. WP3 aims to investigate the methodological and technological basis for the clinical and biomedical questions addressed in WP1, as well as to provide course material for the CPD courses for clinicians in WP2.


  1. Identification of technological and infrastructure needs for data management and integration
  2. Identification of requirements that support standardization and data sharing
  3. Identification of research challenges related to methodologies for data analysis, modeling and simulation
  4. Assembly of a user-friendly ICD-based genomic disease model for CDP courses for clinicians in WP2