WP4 - Strengthening innovation activities, technology transfer and exploitation

Despite the huge potential that modern medicine brings to the healthcare market, innovation in translational activities remains slow. This is especially the case for SMEs. Through integration of clinical data, innovative -omics techniques, and computer modelling, Systems Medicine is able to boost innovation and industrial exploitation. By means of an inventory of best practices and challenges, WP4 aims to assess the potentials and barriers towards new industries concerned with the medical and healthcare application of Systems Medicine. With AstraZeneca and Sanofi as partners, CASyM already involves two major pharma industry partners that are willing to share successful applications of systems-biology application. In addition, CASyM will gather hurdles towards a broader application of systems medicine in pharmaceutical research. With the knowledge of the critical needs CASyM will get further directions on areas to focus on.


Through the coordinated interplay of experts from medicine, systems biology, industry (SMEs and large enterprises) and funding organisations, WP4 will:

  1. Systematically identify and assess innovation and exploitation opportunities of the Systems Medicine approach
  2. Highlighting innovations, case studies, proofs of principle and success stories as an effort to spread the message what Systems Medicine is about, and how it works towards end users