WP6 - Networking and disseminating the CASyM concept and its achieved results

Disseminating information to the public is a moral obligation when dealing with public money. The dissemination of information on Systems Medicine and of the resulting products of CASyM is therefore of great importance. This mission will be carried out in close collaboration with the coordinator and will be fed from activities of all other WPs. Communication and dissemination will relate to three main target groups: the general public, the scientific community with specific focus on the clinical and medical community and policy makers.

CASyM has also to ensure that the considerable investment of EC, and to a more variable extent national governments, leads to a sustainable emphasis on using Systems Medicine approaches to make a real, lasting benefit on health. Thus we will seek to establish the European Association of Systems Medicine. This will be composed of clinicians, scientists, patient representatives, industry, regulators and politicians, all with an agreed purpose of preserving the best parts of CASyM and drawing together all the strands of Systems Medicine across the EU into an inclusive, determined and effective voice.


  1. To continuously collate the outputs of the CASyM work packages, integrate them in suitable formats for all relevant stakeholders
  2. To champion the implementation of systems medicine by dissemination of targeted and focused messages
  3. To assess requirements of public funding bodies and private investors for financially supporting European Systems Medicine
  4. Establishing the European Association of Systems Medicine